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Welcome to the New Site

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

As the new leadership of the association we would like to welcome you to our new/updated website. We have been able to do this with the help of Israel Matson. He has put a lot into the new site.

Here are some of our goals with the new site:

-Have a private area which can be a resource to all members of the association

-Have a private area which can be a resource to all members of the association

-Be a resource and educational tool for the public to explain what falconry is, what the association does, and by doing so educate and create advocates for falconry

-Provide an area where we can publish information to the public and to the members privatly about falconry

-Have an area where we can sell items to help fund conservation efforts and to have it so people can donate if they wish to help support falconry and the association in Utah

-Reduce expenses of the association as it will save $700-900 over 3 years

This website will be a work in progress. We will need the combined help from you to help us compile the information that will be published on the site. Currently these are the inputs we are looking for:

-History of falconry in Utah and the history of the Utah Falconers Association

-Where to find specific birds in the wild and nests (Not specific locations but what to look for and what habitats where you will find them)

-For the Member's Blog you can submit stories from your season, about specific birds, things you have learned etc. Similar to the NAFA Journal but we will publish them on the blog on the new website.

-Obtain photos and examples of Mews, and weathering areas

-In the future we will look to add information about the different prey and environments where you can find them. By doing so we can help those who have not hunted prior to get to know the prey with a focus on Utah.

If you have suggestions for the new site, things to contribute to the different pages, or any thing else you would like to mention please send it to us at

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