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The Utah Falconers Association was organized in 1987 as a way for Falconers to present a unified voice and support the growing interest in Falconry and Propagation as a viable source of birds and help breed and then reintroduce birds of prey back to the wild to help bring back species from the brink of endangerment. There have been many hardships and issues with maintaining laws that benefit Falconers. Laws are constantly changing and Falconers needed a way to voice their concerns and dispel myths about the sport of Falconry.
The Association provided a platform for falconers to do just that, offering a common ground to pool knowledge and resources in the conservation efforts, and in the efforts to protect and promote the sport of falconry. The UFA's membership has grown over the years, and so has its endeavors... Serving as a bridge upon which the general public can learn about falconry and interested individuals can enter the sport, through various outreach programs and regularly hosted field meets.
Today, the UFA excitedly continues to tackle its ambitious goals, proud of its accomplishments, while remaining ever grateful for the hard work and ceaseless efforts of its esteemed body of members. From the past, to the future, the UFA is Utah Falconry's greatest ally. 
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