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Apprentice Workshops

The Utah Falconers Association puts on Apprentice Workshops to help Apprentices prepare to get their first bird. This is a way to help those trying to get into the sport of Falconry but also providing support for Sponsors. These Workshops will be very education and open to more then just apprentices. 


These workshops cover a number of topics. Look to the individual event to see what you will be learning and if you will be making anything. Here is a list of potential topics:

  • Process to get your License

  • Mews Design

  • Equipment 

  • Food Supply

  • Types of traps

  • Bait Considerations

  • Getting the bird from Trap to Home

  • Manning Process

  • Proper Feeding of Birds

  • Getting the bird to Free Flight

  • Bells, Telemetry, and GPS tracking

  • Hunting

  • Ethics


At many of the workshops there are potential projects that you will make/start that will help you build your equipment. Here is the list of potential projects:

  • Leather, Dacron, or Paracord Jesses

  • Anklets

  • Leashes

  • Perches

  • BC Trap

  • Lure

If you have questions of feedback on these workshops please let us know!

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