Becoming a member of the Utah Falconers Association is as easy as...


There are 3 different classes of membership.

Regular, Associate, and Affiliate.

Regular Member: To become a Regular member you need to be a resident of Utah and hold a current Falconry or Propagation permit


Associate Member: An Associate member is anyone 12 years or older that has a genuine interest in Falconry as a field sport, and/or the captive breeding of birds of prey. Non-resident Falconers would also apply for an Associate Membership.


Affiliate Membership:  Is open to any reputable organization, corporation, and local, regional, national or international having purposes and objectives similar to, or allied with those of this Association. Please contact the Association Leadership for more information.

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After selecting a plan it will redirect to this same page again. Scroll to the bottom and then select payment method.

If you had paid for a membership on the old site, please create an account and then reach out to us and we can activate your membership.

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