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A good website is dynamic, not static. It grows, changing with time and with the evolving functions it must serve. The UFA website was designed to do just that, and from here forward it shall not cease to be improved, both in speed and ease of use and also in content and functionality. The following contributors made this new UFA website possible!

Israel Matson

Chief Architect / Designer

Developed the look and feel of the website, carefully selecting colors and styling options that pay homage to the great State of Utah and to the Sport of Kings. The color scheme of this website was developed around the Wasatch Juvenile Peregrine. Israel also provided the primary photography for the site, anything that is not otherwise labeled.

FT copy_edited_edited_edited.png

Spencer Bennett

Project Manager

Spencer, who also fills the UFA's VP role, was essential to the building of the UFA's new website. He made sure basic functionalities were transferred from the old site to the new, as well as putting a lot of time into researching and deciding what functions the new site should and can fulfill, as well as making sure the overall vision of what a falconry club website can do was met. 


Corey Schumann


Corey generously contributed his time and talent, designing from scratch the gorgeous icons that you'll find around the site. From creating six raptor icons based on Utah's native species, to also designing icons for the equipment of falconry as well. Corey's work really sets the website off.

Instagram: @schumanndesigns

Craig Boren.jpg

Craig Boren

UFA President, Oversight

Craig made it all happen. As the newly elected UFA president, he made it a goal to realize a new website and a new platform for the UFA to work towards common goals together and with the public. Craig made sure progress zipped along and the website was created ahead of schedule, accomplishing everything he had in mind and more.

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