Association Leadership

Craig Boren.jpg

Craig Boren, President

The presiding officer of the association is responsible for planning and presenting all matters that requires action to the other officers and the Regular membership. The president makes sure that all the bylaws and constitution are being upheld. They are the voice of the association and are responsible to make sure all duties and roles are being taken care of. The president can appoint other members to positions to support the association but to become officers requires a ratification by the Regular Members.

Meet Craig Boren!


Krista Edwards

VP and Membership Officer

VP and  Membership officer responsible for promoting and maintaining the Membership records. VP acts as an editor for the publications of the association. They also maintain the Items for sale to the members. They can also collect dues for members. 

Tedd Doman.jpg

Ted Doman, Apprentice/Events Officer

Apprentice/Events officer is responsible for the planning of events and making the arraignments. They are also responsible for putting on educational events for apprentices. They engage with those pre-apprentices and apprentice falconers to help them learn the ethics and principles of falconry.


Spencer Bennett, Financial Officer

Finance officer is responsible for keeping the minutes from meetings, maintain files and communications of the association, and maintain the financial state of the association.