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Happy Summer

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Hello Utah Falconers.

We have a summer newsletter for you. Things have been pretty quiet here regarding Falconry and Falconry news, minus the Club BBQ and our UFA Club Meet - details about this below!

I hope all those who wanted to pull an Eyass had their chance, and that the many local breeders had success. About this time, I’m sure you and your floors are covered in feathers from them lil buggers.

Perhaps there is something of note that needs to be shared. It is regarding the Eagle Draw. We got a tip that Utah Eagle Falconers were left out of the National Eagle Draw. We inquired with the Utah DNR, and it was discovered that the rumor was true. If you put in for the draw, this is an email that you should have gotten.

Utah Master-eagle falconers-

I have called or tried to call each of you, and will keep trying over the next couple days until we can speak. I want to apologize: none of this year's qualified Utah falconers were entered into the 2022 national golden eagle falconry drawing held by Wyoming Game & Fish. We have just learned of this and do not yet have, or understand, the reasons why this occurred. Speaking for our agency, this is unfortunate and unacceptable. Speaking for myself and the falconry program, I am sincerely sorry for the lost potential opportunity.

It is too late to ask for the drawing to be redone, and we are doing all we can to understand how and why this occurred so we can ensure it never happens again. Please feel free to call me.


As you can imagine, this is a very complex scenario, with failures on several different levels. If you are curious and would like to know more, please reach out to Craig Boren(8016020289). It is too complex a thing to be written and described in an email. There are no winners in this situation.

We share this, not to put any one organization in a bad light, but to demonstrate that UFA is, in fact, watching, listening, and trying to improve situations for our Utah Falconers. You may not hear about every encounter or situation, but the Association is here, present, listening, and paying attention.

On to happier news!! Our annual Eyass BBQ is scheduled for Aug 6. South west pavilion at Margaret Wines Park in Lehi. 500 N Center St. The party starts around 5pm.

We don’t get many opportunities to raise money for the Club, but this event has been A LOT of fun the last couple years with some great raffle items. We have Pride Dog food donated, Game bird feed, pigeon food,

- new hawking vest from Mikes Falconry

- Ohaus triple balance scale

- micro lure + swivels

- $150 gift certificate for Traditions Gloves

- braided falconry equipment

- golden eagle print from Manu Carrasco

- Harris hawk cast print from Manu Carrasco

- peregrine falcon print from Manu Carrasco

- Quail for your raptor

- $150 total gift cards to Smith and Edwards

- donations from King's Camo

- donations from Carhartt

And this is just a tasting…. There is something here for EVERYONE!!!

Raffle tickets are $2 a piece or 3 for $5… Available to purchase when you get to the park.

Please sign up to help bring a side dish, salad, desert or drink to share. Click the link to let us know which you plan to bring.

We are also planning to have a Utah Falconers Field Meet on November 12. We will have opportunities for every Falconer - those flying longwings, broadwings, shortwings and micros. Look for more details as we get closer to that time, but in the meantime, reserve November 12 on your calendar!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the BBQ - if you would like to donate

Good luck and Happy Hawking,

Craig Boren

Krista Edwards

Alan Malan

Jim Hamilton

Spencer Bennett

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