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Update on Rule Form 3-186A 

Dear Utah Falconer, There has been some chatter regarding the 3186a forms, and what is supposed to happen with them. Currently there are 49 Falconry data bases, each State has its own Falconry database. In order to simplify and streamline this process, the Feds have created a single National Federal Falconry Database. I will put a link at the end if the email. Apparently this Federal site has been active since Jan 2019. For reasons I cant explain, Utah Falconers have NOT been notified, and that we need to be using it. After a recent conversation (yesterday) with Russ Norvell, he told me an email would be sent as soon as tonight. Hopefully that email comes soon. I haven't seen it, but thought I would send an update on what we have learned. The benefits of using this site. No longer a need to make 3 or 4 copies of the 3186 form. I was able to log on last night, entered info for 3 birds in about 20 min. This was after spending about 30 min checking it out, and figuring out the process. Another benefit is YOU can see exactly what is on/in your permit(s). There is no more wondering if they got your form, or if it got lost in the mail,etc. When I logged on, there was nothing. That made things easy. I have heard from others that they had birds, but the information was incorrect. There is an EASY option to delete a record, and then enter it correctly. The process really is streamline and quite easy. I like the fact I can see and know what is on file. This is the same website that they tried a few years ago. But that site crashed for reasons I don't know. The State(Utah) has administrative access to this site. So if they need to pull a Falconry record, they will check here first. They can do a query for all Utah Falconry, or for 1 specific individual. Russ has told me he will not be filing any 3186 forms. I know!! The State regs require us to report to The State within 10 days. When you enter info in the Fed site, Russ gets an email of what was entered. We have a bit of contradiction here. I told Russ, we are bound by the Regs and will continue to send them until we can appropriately address this issue. He replied that those above him are aware, and currently looking/talking about solutions. It may be as simple as striking that sentence from the Regs, or it may end up going through a RACK meeting. Lets not freak out. Be patient, we are aware and closely watching the situation. As we get more information, so will you! If you have questions or need help setting up your profile, adding birds, updating your information.. Please do not hesitate to call, text,email, Facebook message, whatever method you prefer.. I am happy to help. You first need a Federal ID. You will need to get one from Russ. (As luck would have it I wrote mine down from years ago, and it worked!) Once you get a Fed ID number you can create a username and password. The site is pretty simple from there. There are a lot of options for a query, or a tab that says add. Fill in the appropriate info, make sure you hit submit!!! If something is filled out wrong, it will tell you, simply go through and check, fill in what you missed, and hit submit again. Do not worry about past birds or records. Just make sure the birds you currently have, are on the Federal Website. Just to be crystal clear. The stance of UFA is to follow the Regulations and Laws as currently written. Continue to send 3186a to the DNR. I would advise to keep a paper copy of EVERYTHING. Even if you sent it electronically. The direction of both the State and Feds seems to be headed toward this electronic submission/storage. I can't stress it enough to keep a paper copy of EVERYTHING. Hopefully this new site is built better and will stand the test of time. Again, I am happy to help, if you have questions/concerns. If you struggle with the website, or need guidance to help get your profile updated, dont hesitate to reach out. Happy Hawking, Craig Boren President of Utah Falconers Association 8016020289 Upcoming Events Aug 3th-Eyas BBQ Sept 20th- King Frederick's Meet Oct 19th- Casual Dinner Nov 8-9th-Southern Slam Nov 17-23- NAFA Field meet Dec 14th- Casual Dinner Jan 18th- Rabbit Round-up Go Online to register and find out more information about the events. As they get closer more information will be posted and if you are registered you will get update emails.

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