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Hello UFA Community!

Its been a privilege working on the Utah Falconers Association website, excited for the potential this platform holds for empowering the community by enabling dialogue, resource sharing, and streamlining efforts.

Of course, it's brand new and we decided to launch it despite there being several other pages and ideas we haven't finalized yet. The sooner you guys can explore the site, find and report bugs, offer ideas and give feedback, the better. The goal is to have a platform that never stops evolving for the better.

There was no right way to transfer members over, so what Spencer is doing to move everyone over is basically the best option. The struggle of working between a very antiquated platform and this one. So I'm glad to see so many of you here already!

In order to get the ball rolling I suggest you take some time to really explore the site. Go through every page, public and members-only. Some of you have already changed your profile pic, awesome! Add a banner image, update your personal info, add a bio, write a blog post or comment on one, get used to all the features!

Things will be morphing fairly frequently over the next few weeks and months as we seek to define what the UFA website will be, exactly. Likely, it will evolve into the future; we're putting ourselves in the position of having the most functional, serving, community based, outreach oriented website in all of falconry-dom. So it's best if you stay on top of it and make UFA site visits a regular thing!

I'm thrilled to be here, this type of platform for falconry has been a dream of mine and of so many others, including Spencer and Craig, for a long time. Let's make it awesome!

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