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Janurary 2020 UFA Newsletter

Good evening Utah Falconers.

We hope your season is going smoothly, and your freezers filling quick.

A few quick notes for the next couple months, and a small recap of the AWESOME Kestrel project!

We have our Annual reports due by Jan 31. You are welcome to send in via Snail Mail(USPS) or email to

Please let us know if you have any questions about the annual report.

There are 3 events listed for all sorts of Falconry fun in Jan, and the end of Feb has Merlin Meet.

Rabbit Round Up on Jan 18th. Meeting at the Wasatch Wing and Clay at 8000 N 16800 W Cedar Fort Utah. We'll start at 9:30 am. As this event continues to grow, we will have maps, and hunting areas set aside. Also have a Telemetry chase for those wondering how telemetry works.

Jan 25th is Winterfest. This year it will be hosted at

American Preparatory Academy

1255 w 2590 S West Valley, UT.

There will be a roped off weathering yard, and a timed exhibition flight. Always the highlight of the event is the flight exhibitions. If you intend to fly, be sure your Bird is at weight!

Utah Sky Trials is set for Fri Jan 31st and Sat Feb 1st. Location is the same as past years. If you need the location, please don't hesitate to contact any one of the UFA Board and we will gladly send a GPS pin and is on their site. There will also be signs along the way to help you get to the right spot.

Utah Merlin Meet is planned for Feb 27-29th. Yep, there is a Feb 29th this year! Check out their Facebook page or their website for details of all the Merlin action.

A BIG shout out to Jim Hamilton, and Adam King for all their help with the Utah Falconers Association American Kestrel box project. With the help of The Boy Scouts they built,and placed nearly 110 nesting boxes this year alone! They have been placed all across Utah. From Richfield to Ogden, and nearly everywhere in between. Great job working with and organizing this venture.

And last item. There has been a call for election. Spencer Bennett has been covering 2 positions. Doing a GREAT job I will add. His growing family and other ventures required of him, Spencer has only time for 1 position. He has elected to maintain the Financial officer position, and put a call for another to fill the Vice President.

Nominations for Vice President will be accepted from Jan 10th, until Jan 30th. And elections held Feb 1st, until Feb 10th.

Part of this is to also have staggering elections, so the full Board isn't replaced at the same time.

Before nominating someone, ask if they are qualified, and willing to take on the position.

We welcome any, and all responses.

The UFA also has in the planning a couple Apprentice workshops over the spring/summer. The hope is to help educate our new Falconers, and help those Sponsoring/Mentoring. Thank you to all those whom have helped in the past! If you have an interest to aid us in this endeavor, please feel free to contact any UFA Board member.

Happy Hawking,

Craig Boren

UFA President


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